Cén lá iontach! What a fantastic day!

Von Mrs Steiner |

Successful participation in the 1st English competition of the schools from Weimar and Weimarer Land

On March 19th, four students of our school participated in an English language competition for schools from Weimar and Weimarer Land held at the Musikgymnasium Schloss Weimar. Each of the seven schools sent three or four of their best students from Form 9 to be tested in reading, listening, speaking, spelling, and cultural studies. This year’s topic: IRELAND. The competition was a great experience and practise for students and teachers alike. Students from the Musikgymnasium played Irish tunes and songs on the viola, harp and flute which created a particular solemn atmosphere. There was also a guest speaker from Ireland who gave us more background knowledge on her home country. In the end, all the students were winners and received prizes as well as certificates. Our students finished up 4, 5, 6, 7 position in the overall competition that was attended by 25 students. This result proves our commitment to excellence and a high level of our students’ performance.  It was a great experience to battle with others who love languages as much as we do. We had a lot of fun and enjoyed meeting students and teachers from other schools. We are looking forward to a future competition. I would particularly like to thank all organisers, the Musikgymnasium for being a lovely host, our headmaster Mrs. Köttig, who released me from regular duty, and last but not least our fantastic students Julia Hoffmann, M.R. (both 9B) as well as Marek Etzrodt and Kiyoshi Menzel (both 9D).